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NASA / JPL - To Mars, and Beyond!

We are inspired by the accomplishments of the group of people who bring us closer and closer every day to understanding the universe, and our place in it. Check out our 3D Mars Spirit Rover Simulator download.

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Mars Exploration Rover Mission


Update: On February 5, 2004, Opportunity drove a few meters! It headed toward the rock outcrop that very much interests scientist in their search for signs of liquid water. The first drive after egress executed perfectly, and it will soon drive two more meters toward the nearest rock.

Opportunity reached the ground around 9:05 pm PST on Saturday, January 24, 2004. Check out all of the raw images taken by Opportunity so far. Opportunity landed in a 20 meter diameter crater after bouncing around on the surface during the successful EDL (known as Entry, Descent, and Landing).


Update: 33 Sol. All of the communication problems, which were a result of a software bug, have been fixed, and on February 5th, Spirit was poised to drill into Adirondack!

NASA began to experience what seemed to be very dire communication problems with Spirit on January 22. However, after the incredible efforts of the Mars rover team, the problem has been diagnosed and the rover should be able to continue its scientific mission soon.

Where's the water?
Looking for Signs of Past Water on Mars

All Images from the Spirit mission

Nasa TV Schedule

Spirit - Surface Operations

Exploring the surface
(Large download, 10 MB Movie)

Mars for Kids!

Get the Mars Clock!

The NASA Deep Space Network - or DSN - is an international network of antennas that supports interplanetary spacecraft missions and radio and radar astronomy observations for the exploration of the solar system and the universe. This is VERY IMPORTANT for the NASA rover missions.

Astronomy Picture of the Day Current

Picture of the Day Archive

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Brain Block Space Exploration

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If you haven't tried it, download our 3D Mars Spirit Rover Simulator (only 1.2 MB download). This program requires a PC with a 3D accelerator card (most newer computers will be easily equipped to handle the program). Click on the link and then hit "Open". The simulator will install on your computer! Check out version notes here. Note: This software and this website have no affiliation to NASA or JPL.

Spirit's first drive! Soon it will reach the rocks shown below.

An unreal rock outcrop in Opportunity's landing location will give scientists an amazing opportunity to look at potential sedimentary striations that could be indicative of free standing and free flowing water during some time in the past! Those rocks may also have resulted from other physical activities, but the answer should be clear once Opportunity is able to roll up to them and take a close peek with its sensors.

Here is a view of Mars we have never befor seen! Taken by Opportunity during its first few Sols.

The very first Opportunity panorama, which is a composite of MANY images the rover sent.

Here's the first picture Spirit sent to Earth as engineerscontinue to try to resolve file
management overflow bugs.

Top down view of Spirit.

Spirit's first view of its new home.

NASA's Spirit rover left its nest!

(All images courtesy NASA/JPL)