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NASA/JPL - To Mars, and Beyond!

If you haven't tried it, download our 3D Mars Spirit Rover Simulator (only 1.2 MB download). This program requires a PC with a 3D accelerator card (most newer computers will be easily equipped to handle the program). Click on the link and then hit "Open". The simulator will install on your computer!
Note: This software and this website have no affiliation to NASA or JPL.

Version Notes:

V1.0 Released January 15, 2004

This is the first version of the Mars Spirit Rover Simulation. It contains several paragraphs of informational text and a Mars environment the user can traverse. There are 4 different types of rocks and there are 10000 of them scattered over the virtual terrain, which has been designed in a "crater" topoghraphy.

V1.1 Released January 19, 2004

Day and night cycles now show improved light/shadow simulation on the terrain. When the user lands on the surface, the Lander is placed there. Several "points of interest" boulders have been added throughout the landscape, and the user may drive to them. The user interface now shows meters traversed and battery life remaining. The battery usage is NOT simulated according to real time scale. There are three additional rock types. Up to date paragraphs and images have been added to the information text shown during the roving experience.


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