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Instructions and Information About Bloink

Rescue the Bloinks before they hit the wire at the top of the screen! There are many play modes and puzzle boards called "Worlds." You can change those from the main menu screen.

Gameplay: Drop Bloinks from your "Dropper" at the top of the screen so that they land in the best location in the game field. Move your mouse left and right, and click on the left mouse button to drop the current Bloink hanging below the Dropper. The next Bloink to be placed under the Dropper is shown in a little box in the upper right corner of the screen.

Your score and other vital information are shown on the left side of the screen. One of the numbers shown is in a spot labeled "Connect." That is the number of similar Bloinks you must drop and connect together on the game field for them to teleport away from the danger of the wire. If any other Bloinks are sitting on top of the ones that you teleport they are "freed" and they will jump to the ground and run away. Free more Bloinks at once for a higher score!

Every time you drop a Bloink, and you don't connect similar Bloinks, your life bar will move upwards. The life bar is displayed along the right edge of the screen. When it reaches the top, the game field moves up, pushing all of the Bloinks toward the dangerous wire!

Clear the entire game field by connecting and freeing all the Bloinks to complete the level. Once you complete a level, gameplay progresses onto the next challenge. If you make extra moves, and sometimes you must to build a strategy to win, a bonus pool shown on the left side of the screen will decrease. Upon completion of the level the remaining amount shown in that bonus pool is added to your score.

There are two special elements that can appear in the game field. They are the Rock and the Boulder. The Boulder remains on the screen and will fall below the Bloinks beneath it when those Bloinks are teleported or freed from the game field. The Rock will fall off of the screen when it can be freed.

Worlds: Every World is unique. Some are faster paced and require you to connect more at a time before they teleport from the game field, and some are slower paced requiring fewer connections. Some Worlds only have five unique types of Bloinks whereas others have eight, thereby adding to the complexity of gameplay. Half of the Worlds available in the full version of the game feature a continuously moving game field, and the other half are entirely turn based.

Have fun!


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